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redesign sweetness

2012-02-10 11:23:00 by pHuXxXB0xX

the last time i was awfully active on ng was probably around the time of the last redesign... maybe the one before, i don't remember.

anyways, wicked props to the ng massiv who continue to outdo themselves each and every time, hole eeeeeeee

after some forum lurking/trolling, i do have to say that i wish tom and co. would devise some sort of eugenics system to cull the herd of stupidity....


: also, droppin knowledge, y/w.

redesign sweetness


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2012-02-10 14:07:57

HAhahahahah duckface!! Your posts are good...seem like an awsome dude hmu

pHuXxXB0xX responds:

lol, mysteries of life. REVEALED!


2012-02-10 18:04:09

the mystery dickface lolololo


2013-03-26 15:57:15

You have reached 2222 forum posts as of today.